10 Creative Video Ideas to reach more buyers and sellers

by | Sep 20, 2021

Keen Eye Marketing

With a savvy publishing approach through social media, email, and Youtube, every video has the potential to reach tens of thousands of viewers in the local market. The key of course (as with many things in business) is consistency.

Everyone knows that we should be shooting more videos to connect with prospects and clients, but aren’t sure what those videos should be about. Fortunately, not every piece of content you create needs to be a huge production. Here are 10 ideas to inspire your next shoot or video topic.

How to Attract Sellers

  1. Things to Do Before Listing – Capture the attention of potential sellers early in the process with a few of your best tips as a seasoned professional.  
  2. Avoid These Mistakes when Listing your Home – Explain some common mistakes in the market, how to avoid them, and position yourself as an expert on getting top dollar at the closing table.  
  3. Should I Sell Right Now? – Identify some of the pros and cons of selling in the current market for prospective sellers.  This can include trends in the housing market and reasons to potentially relocate, downsize, or re-invest.
  4. Overall Market Update – This video is done often but there’s a reason for that.  People are genuinely interested in the market and sales numbers make for good conversation.  Why not use it to engage your audience online?  
  5. My Crazy Transaction – Tell the story of a deal that was full of surprises and how you overcame them.  People love connecting on a personal level and demonstrating that you can handle anything makes you relatable and professional!
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Keen Eye Marketing

Attracting More Buyers

  1. What People Love About Our City – Connect with prospects and new fans by covering what you love about the area and the finer points of the lifestyle.  This topic can be very broad so encourage engagement by including your audience in the discussion!
  2. Should I Buy or Rent – This is another classic topic but a great way to demonstrate your expertise in the local market.  Provide examples of clients who have benefitted from making the jump to homeownership.
  3. Unique and Interesting Listings – Share your excitement for an incredible new property on the market or a rare investment opportunity with a quick video!  This is an easy way to identify potential buyers without a sales pitch.
  4. Favorite Places – With so many local attractions in the area, everyone is always looking for a suggestion on where to go and what to do!  These videos often get shared and re-posted which means you connect with a whole new audience.
  5. Things You Should Know – This topic could include the greater metropolitan area or be neighborhood specific.  Helping buyers understand if the area is a good fit is extremely helpful information and can make for ‘evergreen’ content that will reap long-term SEO benefits.
Professional and Proficient Video Production
Keen Eye Marketing

Hopefully, these ideas will help spark a little creativity for your next video. Utilizing videos in your business has never been more important or valuable from a marketing perspective. Even if you are just getting started building content, now is the time to go ‘all-in’ on video creative if you’re looking to grow your business.