10 Ideas for Your Next Real Estate Video

by | May 19, 2021

Keen Eye Marketing

Video Content is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy in 2021.

If your brand isn’t using video for marketing yet, this is definitely the year to make it happen. Selling real estate in the current climate is not for the faint of heart. Most agents are scrambling for any listing they can get, and buyers agents are struggling to lock up contracts in a highly competitive market. And in a tight market, standing out from the crowd is essential.

One question we hear a lot is, “Why invest in video if the house is going to sell?” The answer is simple. You’re actually marketing yourself.

Professional and Proficient Video Production
Keen Eye Marketing

Shy on camera? No problem! Simply say hello to your audience, and then add a voiceover to accompany the property footage. This format (what we call an ‘HGTV-style intro’) is an easy way to create highly professional content, and to also highlight the key selling points of a property or neighborhood.

Aside from listing videos, personal content will give you the opportunity to tell your story directly to the consumer. There are so many stories you can tell: how your business got started, favorite parts of the industry, your ‘Top 5 Tips,’ and of course happy client testimonials.

Professional and Proficient Video Production
Keen Eye Marketing

Real estate involves trust and intuition, and creating video content is perhaps the most effective way to build rapport with your audience.

Whether or not you invest in professional video production, the key is just getting started.  

The road to 10,000 followers of your brand begins with one good piece of content. Creating a strong real estate video marketing strategy will give you a powerful advantage in an already crowded market, so let 2021 be the year of video marketing

10 Video Real Estate Video Ideas


property videos

Neighborhood /
location overview

Local market


contracts / offers

brand story

Tips for
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Home staging

Team or
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Show your
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