10 Point Strategy for Leveraging Video Content

by | Aug 6, 2019

Keen Eye Marketing

Industry conferences and trade shows push the same message every year: create MORE video content to build trust, sell more, and grow your brand. The statistics are staggering: Faster closings, website traffic, long term SEO, happy clients, just to name a few. But in reality, your new video content is only as good as your publishing approach. Our goal is to see every video reach its full potential.  

Follow this 10-point video publishing strategy to set yourself up for maximum return on your efforts. Video is more than a tool to help make a sale. Published correctly, professional content can convert followers into clients and set your business up for long-term success. Your media IS your business, so demonstrate your competency in digital marketing with this 10 Point Strategy for Leveraging Video Content.

1. YouTube

Arguably the most important placement for your video is on Youtube. Your brand channel is a reflection of the business, so make sure it’s organized and up to date with your contact information, website links, description, and a beautiful header image. 

Keen Eye MarketingYoutube is owned by Google, so consider it your long term home for all video content. Robust and highly customizable, it’s easy to grab embed codes toshare the video to the web, MLS, email newsletters, and more. 

When publishing to Youtube, be sure to create a descriptive title with the address and location, add keywords, and a lengthy description – this is SEO gold! And don’t forget to link to your website and contact information in the description. Good habits create long term success and result in increased traffic which grows exponentially over time.  

2. Facebook

Publishing on Facebook is key to reaching your sphere of influence and attracting new followers to your brand. Plus it’s the most robust media and advertising platform in the world.  

Be sure to upload your video content directly to Facebook, never link! Youtube Videos shared to Facebook will get very little reach or traction. When uploading, be sure to add a beautiful thumbnail image, title, description, and call to action! 

We recommend publishing to your brand/agency page and then sharing to your personal page as well as any other relevant group pages (local real estate, neighborhood groups, etc.).  

Finally, we recommend promoting your post with at least $100 of ad-spend budget. More about that in future articles.

3. Multiple Listing Service

Regional MLS websites generally provide the ability to share listing videos, which then get aggregated to sites like Realtor.com and other national and global affiliates.  

Be careful to stay within your local MLS guideline, which may require a separate version that does not include contact information, branding, scenes with people or voiceovers.

Although the reach may seem limited on the MLS, typically this placement will rack up several hundred views and is another great metric to include in your campaign reporting – you are collecting data, right?

4. Zillow

As the largest real estate website on the web, Zillow generates 195 Million Monthly visitors, 50% of whom are planning to buy or sell. 30% of the Zillow audience also has a household income of over $100,000 which is exactly where you want to be marketing.  

Zillow generously allows everyone (not just Premier Agents, read on) to upload branded videos with contact information, CTA’s, branding, and on-camera segments. If you are not shelling out thousands per month to be a Premier Agent, you can work with a Preferred Photographer to upload directly to Zillow on your behalf, a service Keen Eye Marketing offers at no charge!

In terms of effectiveness, Zillow is a great place to not just market your listing, but sell yourself as an agent and demonstrate your competency in the digital space.  

5. Instagram

Keen Eye MarketingDepending on the size of your following, Instagram may be the most important social media platform for video publishing. Previously, Instagram videos were limited to 60 seconds in length, but with the advent of IGTV, it’s easy to publish full-length video content on the platform.

Best practices still apply. Be sure to choose a beautiful thumbnail image, include thoughtful descriptions, hashtags, and a call to action. As an affiliate of Facebook, we recommend using Facebook Business Manager for promoting content on Instagram, which offers more robust demographic targeting and performance data.

6. LinkedIn

The often forgotten platform, LinkedIn now allows video uploads directly to the site. Compared to Facebook Business Pages, the organic reach on LinkedIn is perhaps the best of all social networks. Generally speaking, LinkedIn is a network of your professional colleagues and other industry professionals- a perfect place to flex your marketing acumen and reach a high caliber demographic. Don’t forget to share on your business pages and group pages within your industry- you may be surprised how well your video content will perform! 

7. Websites / Landing Pages

Professional videos are perfect evergreen content for your website, listing specific site, or agency page. From an SEO perspective, video is the absolute best way to improve session duration, a key performance metric. A great practice is to ‘market the marketing’ and allow your marketing package to stand out from the competition. Not only will you delight current clients, but impress new prospects and demonstrate your expert video marketing skills to future clients and partners.

8. Email Newsletters

As one of the best ways to stay in touch with current and past clients, email is also a great home for video content. Although popular platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact will not allow direct uploads, linking to Youtube or ideally your website will drive traffic to your incredible content and provide another valuable pipeline for leads and conversions.  

9. Facebook Business Manager

If you are ready to invest in promoting your video or listing online, then Facebook Business Manager is the place. With robust demographic targeting, website pixel retargeting, and geographic parameters, a fine-tuned approach to video marketing can yield incredible, measurable results. Although Facebook has recently removed hundreds of demographic targeting options for real estate to comply with Federal Housing Laws, the platform still has a very robust real estate ad platform designed to optimize your campaigns and get results.

10. Listing Presentations

At the end of the day, video is arguably the best tool for impressing top clients and closing deals. With just one piece of professional content, you create a powerful incentive to sweeten the deal for prospects and leverage your business over the competition. Investing in professional marketing materials is the best way to set yourself up for a quick closing and long term success.  

The cumulative impact of a properly executed video strategy should not be underestimated. Our best campaigns have generated over 100,000 views organically. Compared to ‘traditional’ static industry ad placements – newspaper, magazine ads, radio etc, video represents the future of marketing. With measurable results, short and long term benefits, and endless digital placements, video is undoubtedly the best way to connect with clients and close more deals.  

If you have questions about video publishing or would like a quote for your own professional production just give us a call or submit a booking request here.