10 Video Concepts to Connect with of Buyers and Sellers

by | Dec 29, 2023

Keen Eye Marketing

By adopting a strategic approach to publishing across social media, email, and YouTube, you can unlock the potential to reach a large local audience with every video you produce. The key to success is consistency.

It’s no secret that increasing your video output is a powerful way to connect with potential leads and existing clients. However, many are uncertain about what these videos should encompass. The good news is that not every piece of content you create needs to be an elaborate production. Here are ten ideas to spark your imagination and inspire your next video.

Attract Sellers:

Things to Do Before Listing: Capture the attention of potential sellers by sharing some of your top tips as an experienced professional.

Should I Sell Right Now?: Dive into the pros and cons of selling in the current market, including housing market trends and reasons for potential relocations, downsizing, or reinvestments.

Avoid These Listing Mistakes: Illuminate common pitfalls in the market, how to steer clear of them, and position yourself as an expert in securing the best deals for your clients.

Overall Market Update: Regularly providing market updates is a proven strategy. People are genuinely interested in market trends and sales figures, making this a great way to engage your online audience.

My Crazy Transaction: Share the intriguing story of a deal filled with unexpected twists and turns, and how you successfully navigated them. Personal anecdotes make you relatable and showcase your professionalism.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Attracting More Buyers

Why We Love Our City: Forge connections with prospects and cultivate new followers by discussing what you love about your area and its unique lifestyle. Encourage audience participation in this broad and engaging topic.

Renting or Buying?: Dive into the age-old debate of buying vs. renting, showcasing your expertise in the local market by providing real-life examples of clients who’ve benefitted from homeownership.

Unique and Interesting Listings: Generate excitement by sharing exceptional properties on the market or rare investment opportunities through quick, engaging videos. This approach helps identify potential buyers without resorting to hard sales pitches.

Favorite Places: With a multitude of local attractions, everyone is wants suggestions on where to go and what to do. These videos often get shared and reposted, opening up a new audience for you.

Things You Should Know: Offer insights into the broader metropolitan area or specific neighborhoods. Informing potential buyers about the area’s suitability is valuable and can result in “evergreen” content that delivers long-term SEO benefits.

These ideas should ignite your creative spark for your next video project. In today’s marketing landscape, utilizing video content is more vital and valuable than ever. Whether you’re just beginning to build your content or seeking to expand your business, now is the opportune moment to go all-in on video production to foster your growth.