5 Tips to Get Comfortable on Camera

by | Jul 29, 2023

Keen Eye Marketing

Creating videos can be complicated, and we understand why some Real Estate agents shy away from it. But the truth is, video is a game-changer for your business, and you’ve already got the most powerful tool in your hand – your phone!

Here are five steps to start creating video and to get comfortable in front of the camera.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Start by using apps like Marco Polo or Snapchat to send short videos to your friends and family. This practice will help you overcome any fears and build confidence. Trust us, in just a few weeks, you’ll see a remarkable transformation in yourself.

You can also level up your video skills by sending video texts to your contacts. It’s a powerful way to connect.

2. Embrace Social Media Stories

Now that you’re feeling at ease on camera, it’s time to conquer posting videos to your social media, specifically Stories. Facebook and Instagram stories perform incredibly well so this is a great place to start. Keep it simple – your story videos can be as short as 5 seconds. Show what’s going on behind the scenes, share your favorite eats, capture quick moments with your kids—just keep it real.

Remember, stories disappear after 24 hours, so no need to overthink it. Need ideas? Here are a few:

  • Sneak peeks of your listings.
  • Trying out local food spots.
  • Ask personal and professional questions.
  • Document a trip to your favorite local beach.

Strike a balance between stories and regular posts to nurture existing relationships and attract new followers.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

3. Create Evergreen Content

Now that you’re comfortable in front of the camera, integrate videos into your real estate processes. Create videos for every step of the buyer or seller journey. These videos can be “evergreen,” meaning you record them once and use them for all clients. Keep them general and avoid specific names, dates, and times—make them applicable to everyone.

You can also add a personal touch by shooting a few client-specific videos, like thank-yous or check-ins.

4. REELy take it up a notch

Short vertical videos are all the rage, and all the major platforms are loving them! So, commit to creating killer vertical videos and share your best self on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. It’s a no-brainer. And you don’t have to dance or be a comedian, just be the knowledgeable educator that you are!

Remember, it’s not about going viral or chasing views. Trust that your local community will discover your content. Shift your mindset—create videos for those who are yet to find you.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

5. Go Live, Be You

Ready to face your insecurities head-on? Go live! Live videos save you from starting over every time you make a mistake. They let you be your authentic self and receive real-time reactions from your audience.

Don’t overthink it—just go live. Your audience will eat it up. And here’s a pro tip: go live at least once a week to give your followers an authentic glimpse into your life. Embrace interruptions from your kids or barking dogs—it adds to the realness.

Remember, creating video content may have its challenges, but it’s a powerful tool that can revolutionize your real estate business. Follow these steps, be yourself, embrace imperfections, and let your authentic voice shine through the camera.

Still unsure where to start? Reach out to us for a free 15-minute consultation, and we’ll guide you on how to level up your video game. Keen Eye Marketing has been on the cutting edge of video marketing since 2009, and we’re always happy to help you brainstorm the perfect video marketing strategy.

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