6 Essential Marketing Videos for Real Estate Professionals

by | Mar 11, 2022

Keen Eye Marketing

Let’s face it, branding yourself with video is no longer optional, it’s essential. From Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn, to your website, emails and the local MLS, there are so many valuable placement opportunities for your next video.

If growing your business is a goal, video content is the single most important and effective way to reach new and existing clients. Connecting with your audience to build and reinforce that “know, like and trust” relationship is critical to reach buyers and sellers in this noisy and competitive market.

Fortunately for you, not many agents are truly doing it ‘well,’ so doubling down on your video marketing may help you rise to the top this year. For a little inspiration, here are six marketing videos that every real estate professional should have in their portfolio.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Personal Branding Video

First on our list is the classic ‘agent bio video.’ No surprise, but people want to get to know YOU. This video should explain a little bit about yourself, show your enthusiasm for what you do, and demonstrate a little expertise along the way. Using voiceover narration, beautiful “B-roll” supporting footage, and action shots can create an interesting and engaging video. Brand videos can serve as anchor (or ‘pinned’) content on your main channels to build an immediate connection with your audience.

Client Testimonials

Don’t underestimate the power of a client testimonial. Whether it’s a remarkable sale, bidding war success story, or first time home buyer, these brief videos are worth their weight in gold. Most happy clients are eager to participate (especially if you are providing a nice lunch) and share their experience working with you. If you work with a video producer to create a beautiful ‘interview setup,’ it’s a great opportunity to create 3-4 videos in a half day session.

Market Update

Yes, market report videos are a little cliché, but if you can add a little personal insight into the statistics they are a great way to flex on your expertise and make a little connection in the process. Not to mention these videos perform surprisingly well because it’s an interesting topic and people love to get real, helpful information from experts. Market update videos are an easy, professional way to build your content portfolio on a regular basis.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Case Studies

When that one truly special listing comes along, maybe a highlight of the year (or maybe your career), consider pulling out the stops to create a truly dynamic case study video. Interview the interior designer, architect, builder, or any other stakeholders and share the story of your special listing the way it deserves to be told. Anytime there is an inspired collaboration between industry experts there is an opportunity for interesting, high performing content to be made.

Neighborhood / New Construction

Neighborhood videos are great ‘evergreen’ content because buyers will be looking for information about specific locations for many years to come. If you specialize in certain areas, it makes sense to position yourself as a trusted expert on the real estate market. Film a quick intro, record a short narration, and fill the rest of your video with beautiful clips and helpful information. Done right these videos can generate tens of thousands of views over time and be a great traffic referral source to your website and social media.

Listing Videos

These days, residential and commercial sellers have come to expect top caliber marketing media, including professionally shot video. Adding your own narration, on-camera introduction, lifestyle scenes, and graphics is the best way to stand out from the crowd. New listings are a great opportunity to create professional videos and also snappy short-form vertical videos like reels and Instagram stories. The opportunities are everywhere!

Building a portfolio of video content is an excellent way to reach clients AND refer traffic to your website for years to come. It’s a long term marketing strategy that can pay big dividends through referrals in the short term. One Keen Eye client did over $5M in sales last year from out of town buyers that loved their content on Youtube!

If you’re ready to build YOUR video portfolio, we’d love to help. Reach out and connect with a dedicated account manager to learn more about our full-time team of expert creatives and how we can get your brand the attention it deserves.