About Twilight Photography

by | Dec 31, 2020

Keen Eye Marketing Twilight Photography

Twilight photos are a great way to showcase your property at dusk and create a captivating feature image for the listing. Our photographers operate on a very tight schedule so property readiness is imperative. 

Generally, our team will arrive 10-15 minutes before the actual sunset, and be on-site for approximately 30 minutes. There is a narrow window of time when the lighting is perfectly balanced between inside and outside so we appreciate your cooperation.

Twilight Photography Keen Eye Marketing

Pre-Twilight Photoshoot Checklist

  • Turn on all Interior Lights
  • Turn on all Outdoor Light Fixtures (except floodlights)
  • Turn on all Landscaping and Pool Lighting
  • Remove Vehicles from Driveway
  • Have Landscaping ‘Shoot Ready’
  • Move any yard debris or trash cans away from the property

Thank you for helping us create the best images possible to showcase your property.