Don’t Make These Real Estate Marketing Mistakes

by | Oct 17, 2022

Keen Eye Marketing

Don’t miss out on these easy opportunities to elevate your brand and drive more business to your brand.

Sleeping on Social Media

Real estate is all about numbers, and the statistics on social media are telling. Mobile devices, and specifically social media apps like Facebook and Instagram have our attention. With over 90% of the adult population active on social media, and spending an average of 95 minutes per day scrolling, if you are not creating great content and ads, you are missing out. Consistency is key, so set the bar high and create content that reflects your brand, values, and attitude.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Neglecting Video Content 

The statistics are in, and video is dominating social media. From Facebook, to Instagram, to Youtube, video will get your brand more views and better engagement than photos and text alone. You don’t need to create your own reality show, but simple videos showcasing hot listings or sharing tips for homebuyers are a great way to build your digital presence and connect with your audience. Not feeling creative? Work with a team that can help brainstorm ideas, scripts, and locations to make the process fun and easy.

Marketing Inconsistently and Expecting Results

Developing a marketing strategy is essential to building a real estate business that’s bigger than your immediate sphere of influence. Many agents spend thousands of dollars on a single video or print campaign, only to stop marketing for several months after. To build rapport with your audience and ultimately generate leads, you must be methodical and consistent with your messaging, understanding that the sales cycle is extremely long, and your marketing efforts today are what will drive business in the next 6-12 months.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Not Having a Website

In today’s market, buyers and sellers are doing their due diligence before hiring a realtor, and this means searching the web for information on your business. Do you have a beautiful website full of compelling copywriting, brand videos, and stunning images, or just a generic brokerage page with your photo and phone number? Don’t be ‘that agent!’ Websites are a cost-effective way to showcase your expertise, and lure those curious buyers and sellers into calling you (instead of the competition).

Low Quality Content

The lighting and general quality of ‘do-it-yourself’ marketing content will always be inferior to that of a professional. Rushing a listing with cell-phone photos, or posting a low-quality video on social media can be highly detrimental to the marketing process and your reputation. Don’t send mixed signals to your past and future clients. If building your business is a priority, be sure that your posting professional caliber content, every time. If you need help, just ask!

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