Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media

by | Jan 11, 2021

Keen Eye Marketing

Smart agents understand the power of social media and use it to their advantage.

To be perfectly honest, building large social accounts in the real estate industry is not easy.  Sure, it’s simple enough to post listings and sales, but who really wants more ‘Just Sold’ posts scrolling through Instagram?  The Power of Social Media

Anyone who has spent money on Facebook Ads knows that’s not easy, either.  Paid ads are complicated and impersonal, not to mention the cost per lead can set you back as much as a dinner at Hall’s.  High-volume teams with massive budgets and staff can play that game, but for Charleston’s Top Producers, I believe a foundational approach (building trust and rapport while providing great content) is the way to go.

After five years of managing high performing accounts, our top advice is this: make it personal.  Get clear on who you are, your brand, style, and preferences, and stick to it.  In a world of Zillow preferred agents, sharing a little thought every day about why you love the Holy City (and maybe some of your expert insight into the market) might be all you need to connect with that next buyer or seller.

We know most agents despise running social media.  It’s tedious, time-consuming, and easy to forget.  But don’t let it fall to the wayside.  For potential clients shopping for an agent, your social media is a direct reflection of your brand and the health of your business.  Is it active and thriving, or is your next buyer moving on?

Make 2021 your best year yet by building a strong foundation and attracting the right people on your social media accounts.  Here are a few tips from the social team at Keen Eye Marketing to create beautiful accounts and grow your following this year.


  • Make it personal: share your favorite experiences, places, restaurants, and events
  • Engage!  Don’t just ‘like’ posts, but share thoughtful comments and insights 
  • Be picky with your cover images, edit your photos, and mix up compositions
  • Drive traffic to your website by teasing blog posts, new content, and listings
  • Create regular video content to build trust and show your personality 
  • Hit the big three: Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn 
  • Mix it up!  Add at least one non-real estate related post every week
  • If you don’t have time for social media, ask for help! 
In this competitive market, your digital strategy can mean the difference between selling yourself short or selling top listings. Make 2021 the year to set yourself apart and create a strong foundation for your business that will propel you for years to come.


You can be happy with your marketing!   Keen Eye Marketing manages daily social media for over 30 of Charleston’s Top Producers and has been helping agents maximize their marketing potential since 2009.

Contact Andy Lassiter at, and learn more about social media management, custom videos, and real estate marketing services.


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