Five Things Your Social Media Should Include in 2023

by | Feb 28, 2023

Keen Eye Marketing

Level up your social media content this year to reach more clients and build your brand with expert social media marketing. Incorporate these five things in your content calendar to maximize your reach and increase engagement.


Without a doubt many, if not the majority, of your business social media content in 2023 should be video. Whether that’s a professionally produced promo, property tour, or one single clip of a beautiful sunset, videos are more engaging and are consistently rewarded with more reach than static images alone. We suggest posting 5-7x per week on a variety of different subjects to avoid the inevitable fatigue that comes with repetitive posts.\

High Quality Images

If you are posting images, hold your account to a high quality standard. This means using professionally captured and edited images whenever possible, and taking great care to edit, crop, and tone anything made by your iPhone! By consistently delivering quality, viewers come to expect and anticipate your posts and consequently associate your brand with excellence.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Engaging Copy 

Crisp, concise copy is key! Your doting followers will appreciate snappy, thoughtful captions way more than a long block of rambling prose. Although short captions often perform the best, copywriting that shares useful information, advice, and personal experiences will help build trust and rapport with your audience.

Demonstrated Expertise

Your past and future clients will appreciate any detailed information you can provide as a subject matter expert. Whether that’s your analysis on the real estate market, hot take on a business situation, or an overview of how you handled a unique situation, demonstrating your professional expertise will add a new layer of credibility to your social media and brand.

Keen Eye Marketing


At the end of the day, social media is designed to connect people. Sharing properties and pretty scenes will build beautiful accounts, but sharing yourself builds trust. Statistically speaking, content that includes a personal element, an on-camera introduction, or a photo with you and your happy clients will outperform and rank higher than almost any other category of post. Don’t forget that ultimately- YOU and your team are what people are really buying.

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Keen Eye Marketing

Andy Lassiter is a second-generation agency owner and the creative director at Keen Eye Marketing, a real estate media agency with offices in Charleston and Hilton Head.  He can be reached at 843-224-9213 or for any project quotes or custom proposal requests.