Making the Most of Your Video Marketing

by | Feb 5, 2021

Keen Eye Marketing

Smart agents understand the power of video and use it to their advantage.

As a marketing tool, video content continues to benefit those savvy enough to make regular production a part of their business model.  With Youtube now a household name, the overwhelming benefits in terms of brand awareness, web traffic, search engine optimization, and audience connection are clear.

From a business standpoint, data science firm Aberdeen Group reported that video marketing can lead to 66% more lead generation, 54% better brand awareness, and up to 50% higher overall business growth year over year for agents that harness the power of video.

Because real estate video is often budget conscious, there’s a wide disparity between different producers in terms of quality.  For a simple listing video, agent introduction, or neighborhood overview, being informed about video production techniques will ultimately get you better results.   Whether you hire a professional, do it yourself, or get drone shots from your cousin’s fishing buddy’s nephew, make video a priority this year!

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Here are a few essential terms to help take the mystery out of real estate video production.

Filming is the process of capturing video.  For real estate content, videographers often use a variety of cameras, lenses, stabilizers, drones, and microphones to capture video.

After filming, Editing involves selecting the best clips, sequencing the clips in a logical order, adding music and graphics, and finally “color grading” the footage to match.

Production value refers to the level of quality in regards to the technical aspects, skill of the filmmaker, caliber of equipment, and overall ‘finish level’ of the completed video.

Add more depth to your video with a brief On-Camera Introduction, or add a Voiceover Narration to explain key points to the viewer.  Both can be recorded on-site or in a studio.

Speed ramps” are a popular real estate video technique where a single clip is sped up rapidly to transition into a new space.

Videos can include graphic overlays like your logo, contact information, or details about a specific home or property. Call-out titles point out specific locations with animated arrows and text.

Regardless of where you are in the world of video marketing, the most important part is that you are simply creating something to serve your clients and AND your business.  Remember, the journey to 10,000 subscribers begins with one upload!


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