Crescent Homes

Charleston, South Carolina
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High Quality Images

The team of professional photographers is your on-call partner for all photographic needs.  Using premium camera equipment and optics, our team is ready to deliver the professional marketing assets you need.

Professional Video

Keen Eye Marketing offers premium in-house video production, bringing cinematic listing videos and professionally branded content marketing pieces to agents, developers, and businesses alike.

Aerial Photos & Video

Adding aerial videos and photos offers a unique viewpoint to your project. Our pilots are fully trained, insured, and licensed with the FAA to create the best aerial images using the latest technology.


Charleston, South Carolina

Crescent Homes is a custom builder based in Charleston, South Carolina and several major markets in the southeast.  Over the years Keen Eye has produced numerous neighborhood videos, lifestyle ads, and feature images showcasing the clients capabilities.  Keen Eye works closely with the marketing department at Crescent to create custom photo and video content for placement across a variety of platforms including web, social media, billboards, and paid ads.