The Growth Formula We Use For Our Clients

by | Mar 5, 2024

Keen Eye Marketing

Confession Time: Math and I aren’t exactly best friends, so this “formula” isn’t as complex as it sounds. We’ve deciphered what the algorithm favors and how it prioritizes popular content, thanks to insights directly from Instagram.

Let’s skip the backstory and dive straight into the facts: In 2024, Instagram evolved into the new Google Search. Your Instagram content is now SEO-friendly and searchable, emphasizing the importance of keywords. This shift moves us beyond algorithm-driven visibility, creating opportunities for your posts to connect with potential clients through search.

Here’s the breakdown: Traditional SEO optimizes websites for search engines, while Social SEO enhances content visibility on social platforms. Both strategies work hand-in-hand, bolstering your brand’s online presence. With 44% of consumers relying on social media for research, targeted keywords are crucial. Integrating these keywords boosts your visibility in social searches, increasing the chances of your content hitting the explore page.

Now, let’s talk about Making the Explore Page. It’s not just about reaching it; our goal is to convert viewers into followers.

To get on the Post Explore Page here is what your posts need:

  • Engaging Content = Get people to spend a few seconds on your post. The more time the better.
  • Relevant Content = Quickly get likes, comments, shares, and saves 
  • Taps on your profile photo

To get on the Reels Explore Page, your reels need to:

  • Get likes and shares
  • Create Short Engaging Videos = Easy to watch through multiple times
  • Use Trending Audio

Reaching the explore page is just one part of this formula. We want people to choose to follow you! Here are some more things to consider optimizing.

  • Profile Photo = Let it be authentically you
  • Instagram Name Field = Ensure it’s clear and searchable
  • Bio = Craft a concise elevator pitch
  • Stories and Highlights = Pay attention to covers and content
  • Content appeal reaching your target audience
  • SEO/Keywords = Incorporate them into your content for increased search and explore page visibility

Implementing these strategies will not only increase your visibility on Instagram but also drive meaningful engagement, turning casual browsers into loyal followers. It’s time to put these insights into action and watch your Instagram presence soar.