Top 5 Ways to Leverage ChatGPT for Real Estate Marketing

by | May 15, 2023

Keen Eye Marketing

We’ve all seen the headlines about how artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT are disrupting every industry from tech and ecommerce, to customer service and marketing. If you have conversed with ChatGPT, built by American tech company Open AI, you know that this intelligent technology will have far reaching impacts in the coming years.

In its current state the best way to use ChatGPT is to “prompt” the software by asking questions, making commands, and supplying information. What really makes the program stand out is its ability to be trained or learn information, which could be details about a home, yourself, or a particular neighborhood. Here are a few ways you can leverage ChatGPT for Real Estate Marketing to save time and make content creation a little easier.

1. Improve Your Copywriting

One of the most useful features of ChatGPT is its ability to improve existing copy. Let’s face it, writing listing descriptions or email newsletters is a chore. The next time you have a listing description ready to go live, try asking ChatGPT “Could you improve the real estate listing description below?” You may be surprised at how well the software can improve the language, flow, and sentence structure of your already “spectacular” listing description.

2. Marketing Ideas & Concepts

In many ways ChatGPT can provide information similar to doing your own research on a search engine. Another impressive feature is the ability to generate lists of video topic ideas or marketing concepts (that you can then prompt for even more depth). For example, try prompting ChatGPT for something very specific, like “provide 10 real estate marketing video ideas specific to Charleston, South Carolina.”

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

3. Video Scripts 

As a videographer, I was amazed at ChatGPT’s ability to create sample video scripts that perfectly fit specific parameters. You can request extremely specific details, including word count, audience, and formatting that will be incorporated into the output. Try prompting ChatGPT for a video script, like “Create a 500 word video script on luxury real estate in Hilton Head, South Carolina.”

4. Blog Posts 

Another dreaded, but important task for savvy marketers is the monthly blog post. Having a steady stream of SEO rich written content is still a critical component of web marketing strategy. ChatGPT has now made articles incredibly easy for you to produce on a variety of topics, including everything from local activities to short term rentals. Just remember quantity does not necessarily equal quality.

5. Listing Descriptions 

For those of you that hate writing descriptions for the MLS, ChatGPT may be exactly the tool you’ve been looking for. As with other prompts, the more information you can provide, the better your final results. For real estate listings, I recommend starting with a prompt like “create a 750-word listing description target for an audience of luxury buyers.” From there, simply provide every detail you can think of (in a list, sentence fragments, or more complex thoughts). Then tap “Generate Response” and prepare to be amazed.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is absolutely mind blowing technology, but not perfect. The most notable element lacking is your personal touch, so using these prompts as a starting point and then adding your own flair, local expressions and personality is essential.

At Keen Eye, we’re leveraging ChatGPT to help our clients fine tune their ideas, improve social media content, and increase the frequency of their marketing efforts. As they say “talk is cheap,” so when you’re ready to refine and execute your next brilliant marketing idea, our talented team is here to make it happen!

Andy Lassiter is the owner and Creative Director of Keen Eye Marketing with offices in Hilton Head and Charleston, South Carolina. Disclaimer: This article was not written by ChatGPT. Or was it? Email and I’ll tell you.

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