Transform Your Listings into Dynamic Content

by | Aug 23, 2023

Keen Eye Marketing

Securing a remarkable property listing is not just about closing a deal; it’s about crafting a memorable identity and establishing connections with new clients and old. Every property has the potential to serve as the canvas for captivating marketing content that resonates for years. Here are five strategies to amplify your reach from a single listing.

The Anticipation

Never underestimate the power of a “coming soon” teaser! A single image or a brief video snippet can generate as much excitement as a comprehensive marketing package. Create an air of intrigue by withholding certain details, piquing the curiosity of your audience. A “coming soon” post featuring a scenic view, an exterior shot, or even a stunning kitchen can captivate your followers, prompting shares, and most importantly, direct messages.

Behind The Scenes

Remember to shine a spotlight on the process behind the scenes— “market the marketing” as I like to say! While recording an “agent on camera” introduction, capture a candid moment with your media team. Audiences love glimpses of the effort that goes into content creation, allowing you to simultaneously underscore your dedication to your profession and your marketing endeavors. Even a day of property photography presents an ideal opportunity for a to go live on social media. Express your enthusiasm for an upcoming listing launch and the content that accompanies it.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Harness the Power of Instagram Reels

A carefully crafted 15 to 60-second Reel can sometimes generate tens of thousands of views within hours, propelling your social media engagement and website traffic. Although professionally produced videos often deliver optimal results, a catchy melody, captivating visuals, and an clever caption can transform smartphone-edited content into a viral hit.

Cultivate Your YouTube Presence

The classic horizontal-format video remains the cornerstone of enduring, evergreen video marketing strategy. While Instagram Reels and Stories may fade in the blink of an eye, a meticulously executed property listing video endures as longterm content that contributes to your brand’s legacy. While platforms like Zillow and the MLS remain tailored for 16:9 real estate videos, establishing a YouTube channel is an excellent way to build longterm SEO and web traffic for your brand.

Keen Eye Marketing
Keen Eye Marketing

Share Your Excitement

Above all, your enthusiasm serves as a compelling force to sell not just a listing but your services as well. Channel this energy through your social media presence. Show gratitude for your clients, extend shout-outs to your vendors and brokerage, and radiate positivity. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, infusing every listing with positive vibes is the best way to build a brand people want to work with.

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